Why Choose Us?

We understand there is no cure to COVID-19 , but we do understand prevention. Prevention is key. We know it can be hard to go out in the field without the essentials. Masks are now essential to our community and everyone will need to wear it until it is safe for us to trust the air again. We broke the rules. Surgical masks are uncomfortable and boring. We created handcrafted masks that are comfortable, breathable, and unique. The shortage of N-95 masks in the United States can be a very concerning issue. We want our healthcare workers to have the top of the line masks; such as N-95. So we made masks for our community to omit the cost of buying a medical grade mask. Our mask protects and is tended to be reused. No need to spend money and throw away everytime you use a mask. We got you covered. Know that our masks are not intended to be used medically, it is intended to create a barrier for the people surrounding us that may potentially carry COVID-19. We care for you and want to keep you safe. Lets get you MASQUED!

About Us

Cat and Saira,

CO-Founder & Co-CEO

The "YES" moment happened when Catalina and Saira wore a surgical face mask for the first time during the outbreak of COVID-19. 

We thought this cant be the new normal. So dull, so boring, and uncomfortable. It just didn't feel right. We knew we could deliver quality with our creativity, so we did. 

We have been inspired to create designer and simple yet classic handcrafted masks for all of the people that want to look there best during COVID-19. We are all about fashion. We love to dress in style wherever we go. Creating something unique is what we specialize in. We are soul sisters that love to help the community. We re-invent what is old and create it into new. We are the trend-setters. We wanted transform society into something new. Here we are! We can't wait for you to try them!